eCommerce by Onex Community Edition 0.9 beta 1 released!

Feb 10, 2010 at 8:18 AM

Today we have published application In the installation version and the eCommerce by Onex internet store source code.

It is the first beta version of this software and contains several errors we know about. We invite to download, test and share your comments about the our product.

 Bugs and errors we know:

  • Adding photo and attachments to products – does not work after first click
  • Category properties - wrong vaildation when you try to enter other value than defined field
  • Mail confirming client's order - wrong tags interpretation
  • Shop Manager role – no possibility to realize orders
  • Products comparison - error while removing products from the comparison with the use of 'Delete' links located in the comparison panel.
  • Shipments - not intuitive entering of available shipment type.

We kindly encourage everyone to download, test, analyze product code, take part in discussions connected with eCommerce by Onex Community Edition and report errors, suggest any ideas with the use of Issue Tracker.