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Project description

eCommerce by Onex is a platform created for complex internet sale managment. It offers quick access to every product in your offer and allows you to complete all placed orders. Discover the easiest way to manage your on-line business with a wide range of features and tools, search engine friendly, and secure shopping cart. All-in-one complete solution so simple to use.

Community Edition

General information

eCommerce by Onex Community Edition is a Free software released under GNU/General Public License. Copyright Onex Group.
Application enables to manage internet store no matter how big it is.

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eCommerce by Onex Community Edition Version 1.0 is a stable and fully functional application that allows to manage online stores. This version does not contain any hidden bugs and errors. But we can not give any guarantee that such errors do not occur.

We kindly encourage everyone to download, test, analyze product code, take part in discussions connected with eCommerce by Onex Community Edition and report errors, suggest any ideas with the use of Issue Tracker. We hope that thanks to the community cooperation we will be able to improve the application.

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